The OBCA works to help develop coaches across the state through mentorship. The goal of the OBCA mentorship is to help coaches understand balance, professional development, program improvements, guidelines and many more areas of impact.


Head Coach

The OBCA desires to see coaches succeed in all areas of basketball coaching. The leadership of this association has a desire to develop coaches that continue to develop young basketball players and the game of basketball.

If you have any desire to help grow professionally as a basketball coach please contact our coach mentors to connect with someone in your area.

​Mentorship Coordinators
Mike Stair - Cresent Valley,
Greg Griffin - Rex Putnam,


Assistant Coach

The area of impact for assistant coaches is vast. Assistant coaches have a difficult job of supporting the head coach and developing players for the benefit of the program. The OBCA desires to help build quality assistant coaches through:

  1. Individual Player Workouts (Rule of 2) and Skill Development
  2. Opponent Game Scouting
  3. Organizing A Summer Basketball Camp
  4. Organizing A Program Fundraiser
  5. Organizing Your Own High School Tournament
  6. Making A College Practice Visitation
If you would like more information on the Assistant Coach Mentorship Program offered through the OBCA, please contact our Assistant Coach Mentor, Roger Schenk at Sherwood High School.

​Roger Schenk -

"A dad comes home tried from work. He plops down on the couch and just as his eyes begin to close he young son run into the room excited to see his dad says " hey dad let's play!"Not wanting to disappoint his son he looks around searches for something to district him. He looks over and see a newspaper ad with a flat picture rendition of a world map. Thinking quickly he get scissors and cut the paper into squares and mixes them up then tells his son that they can play after he puts the "world puzzle" together.Excited at the challenge he get to work on the task.Dad starts to try and get that back to that short nap thinking this puzzle will take a good 15 to 20 minutes.After about 5 minutes the son announces he is finished. The stunned dad looks up and see a complete "puzzle" and asks his son how he had done this so fast, the boy states it was easy and begins to turn over the pieces , as he dose another picture begins to take shape.The picture is of a little boy and little girl .The son says to his dad that he knew if he put the little boy and girl together right the world would be o.k.What we do as teachers, coaches and mentors is helping to put the little boys and girls together right and helping the world be o.k."

A Story From Lenny Wilkins


Specific Areas of Mentoring Available