Process for Change

As many of us think when change is required we hope it is quick and definite. However, working with the OBCA, OACA, OADA, and the OSAA requires a process. Many times we as coaches have great ideas that need some time to develop across the state and through the many classifications and leagues. Below is an outline of how the state of Oregon processes change through the OSAA

Step 1 - Proposal Created
When a proposal is brought to the OBCA board there will be discussion regarding the benefits and requirements of the proposal. This is then evaluated closely with the OBCA mission statement to build foundation.

Step 2 - Poll Basketball Coaches
If the board feels the proposal is soemthing that will enhance basketball in Oregon and be beneficial across the state there will be a poll taken of basketball coaches. This poll will by administered by the OACA so that all basketball coaches are evaluated and potentially even athletic directors if required.


Step 3 - Presentation to Oregon Athletic Coaches Association
After a poll has been distributed and positive results are gathered the OBCA board will then pitch the idea to the OACA board to gain further endorsement with the OACA backing of the proposal. This will take place at the spring meeting of the OACA.

Step 4 - Presentation to Oregon School Activities Association
After the OACA endorses the proposal the OACA will then take the proposal to the OSAA for adoption. This adoption process can sometimes be lengthy as sometimes further polls, surveys, discussion is required with the OADA, OSAA, OAOA, or the OSAA Delegate Assembly/Executive Board.